University of California,Ph.D John Treuer学术报告 7月6日下午
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学术报告【Solution to the delbar problem using Cauchy-Fantappie formalism on strictly psuedoconvex domains in C^n】

时间:2018年7月6日 (星期五) 14:30 


报告人:University of California,Ph.D John Treuer

主办:数学与信息学院, 数学研究中心, 福建省分析数学及应用重点实验室


报告摘要:Given f\in C^\infty_(0,1)(\overline{D}) where D is a smoothly bounded pseudoconvex domain in C^n 

such that \dbar f = 0, is there  a function u \in C^infty 

(0,0)(\overline{D}) so that \dbar u = f? It is 

well-known that this question can be answered affirmatively using L^2-methods. I will present a less well-known solution for strictly convex domains and time-pending 

strictly-pseudoconvex domains using Cauchy-Fantappie methods. The Cauchy-Fantappie 

approach has the advantage that the solution u to the equation \dbar u = f can some2018-07-06 (星期五) 14:30 ~ 2018-07-06 (星期五) 17:00 be written completely explicitly, which is not true for the L^2-method approach. The talk will be mainly based on papers written by R. Michael Range. The talk will be given in English.

报告人简介:John Treuer is a Ph.D at University of California, Irvine. His research interests are Several Complex Variables and its applications.