Harbour Views

  Fuzhou is a city having a history of 2200 years. And it was founded in the 13th year of KaiYuan of Tang dynasty(725 AD). In the second year of Kaiping of the later Liang of the Five Dynasties(908 AD), Minwang Wang Shenzhi extended the city. He brought mountain Wu, mountain Yu and mountain Ping into the city so that the "three mountains" became the nickname for Fuzhou.

  Fuzhou is located at the eastern part of Fujian Province, in downstream of Minjiang, and is the political, economic, and cultural center of Fujian. It covers an area of 11,968 square kilometers, where the urban area is 1043 kilometers. The total population is 4.8 millions and the urban population is 1.16millions. Because of the large number of banyan, Fuzhou is also called the city of Rong. Fuzhou has five districts including Gulou district, Taijiang district, Cangshan district, Mawei district and Jin’an district. Meanwhile, it has two second class cities (Fuqing, Changle) and six counties (Minhou, Luoyuan, Lianjiang, Pingtan, Yongtai, Minqing). Fuzhou’s climate is delightful and has cool weather, for it belongs to warm and humid subtropical monsoon climate. So the annual average temperature is 19.6 degrees, the coldest in January is 10.5 degrees and the thermal average temperature in July is 28.6 degrees. The best tourist season each year is 4th-11th month. Of course what the most famous is hot spring.

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