University of Technology Sydney Dr Priyadarsi Nanda学术报告 9月12日上午
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报告人:Priyadarsi Nanda




时间:2017-09-12 (星期二) 10:10 ~ 2017-09-12 (星期二) 11:10




主办:数学与信息学院, 福建省网络安全与密码技术重点实验室




报告摘要:Wireless 6LoWPAN networks consist of resource starving small sensor nodes. Secure Communication of sensors is necessary when the communication is taking place within the 6LoWPAN wireless sensor network and with the legacy Internet as well to avoid threats such as replay attack and man in the middle attack. This talk will covertwo major parts of our current research. The first part of the research focuses on authentication and key management of sensors within the 6LoWPAN network which means before starting to communicate with the Edge Router by sending the sensor values; sensors must prove themselves that they are the legal transmitting entity to the Edge Router. The second part of the research is to secure the data flow using CoAP based applications layer from constrained 6LoWPAN network to the legacy internet. We are currentlyinvestigating how 6LoWPAN with CoAP protocol could be used to defend againstpin code injection attack while communicating with legacy Internet and providing security on the HTTP-CoAP proxy server.


报告人简介:Dr Priyadarsi Nanda joined University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia in 2001 in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology and currently holding the position of Senior Lecturer in the School of Electrical and Data Engineering (a newly formed school from the previous school of Computing and Communications). Dr Nandas research interests are in the area of Cyber Security, Internet Quality of Service (QoS), Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), assisted health care using sensor networks, and Internet Traffic Engineering. In the past Dr. Nanda held Visiting Professor and Research Visitor position at University of California, Davis, USA, Plymouth University, UK, INRIA, Nancy, France, University of Auckland, and University of Minnesota (UoM), Minneapolis, USA. Dr. Nanda has over 26 years of experience in Teaching and Research. Prior to joining UTS, Dr. Nanda served at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), and National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, India, both as an academic staff. Dr. Nanda has published over 80 refereed International publications including journals, book chapter, conference tutorial and refereed conference papers in the area of Cyber Security and Intrusion detection, Internet QoS, Network traffic Engineering and Policy based networking. Dr Nanda graduated with PhD in Computing Science from UTS in 2008, Master of Engineering in Computer and Telecommunication engineering from University of Wollongong, Australia in 1996 and Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering from Shivaji University, India in 1990.